8 Meal Plan Guidelines

Eating is the hardest part of trying to achieve your goals. It’s something that gets very intensely judged, making people more confused and paranoid of what to eat and when. My advice to you is to keep it simple, give it time, be consistent and follow the points below. Your health and fitness goals are a journey, there will be bumps and detours along the way.

1.Eat around 1.2-2g of protein for every kilogram of bodyweight…guys and girls!

2. Keep carbohydrate levels consistent each day and avoid massive amounts before bed. Try consuming complex carbohydrates before training as well.

*Beans, Vegetables and Whole Grains

3. Ensure you are eating healthy fats especially if your sleep schedule is not the norm. Healthy fats help regulate hormone levels as well as energy.

* Oily fish, avocado, nuts, Omega 3 supplements

4. Be consistent with your meals no matter what your schedule is like. Training at different times of the day requires you to be a bit smarter and more prepared.

5. Cook and prep your meals ahead of time, this will have your food readily available and avoid you bingeing on the nearest available junk foods.

This will save you money too, you will be surprised by how much.

6. Contingency plan. If life gets unpredictable at times, have a back-up plan in place for those instances. Recognize that it’s only temporary and have specific snacks available, meals ready to eat and you will get back on track immediately after.

7. Keep track of how each meal affects you such as energy levels, feelings of satiety, digestion and recovery from training. This will encourage a plan that provides you what you want, when you want it and leaving you feeling how it should, comfortable.

8. Be patient. Building the discipline to achieve the results of your training and nutrition plan take time. You will need to give your plan time to work effectively and adjust later where necessary.

9. Plan your weekly cheat meals (2-3) in advance, put them on days where you will be out and about where your mood will want them. Fridays and Saturdays are usually the two hardest days.

* Friday night and Saturday afternoon are most common choices