The Best Diet For You

The “right” diet is something that is debatable and a cause for concern. People are following fad diets that are detrimental to their health.

– They may lose weight but they put it all back on soon after it finishes

– They lose more muscle than fat = THE SKINNY FAT GENERATION

– They destroy their metabolism and struggle with their energy due to the lack of real nutrients


I can’t emphasize enough how we are not all made the same and our mental strength varies. Deciding on how you should be eating is a lifestyle choice; it shouldn’t be something you do for a specific length of time…unless you’re a competitive athlete, bodybuilder or an extreme weight loss/gain candidate for health reasons.

You get the idea?!

The way you eat is specific to you, your daily demands, you’re goals, you’re ability to maintain it for life, the way it effects you and energizes you.


Please seriously consider the below points if you’re pondering a diet that is on, your library or recommended by someone/celebrity.


Really look at the reasons for why you want to follow that diet and then consider what it is that you need to actually change to get you eating what’s “right” for you.


  1. What are your intentions?

Is it something you’ve seen a celebrity praise? Are your reasons ethical or consist of actual thought and consideration for you? Are you really concerned about gluten, do you really want to go vegan, is there a real health reason for the change? Focus on what really matters to you.


  1. Try one or just make some changes.

If you’re curious about a type of diet (Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Atkins), give it a try.

But if you just feel you need to take better control of your carbohydrate intake, try that first.

Don’t do so many changes or even drastic changes all at once. You will lose track of the eating and how your body is reacting (energy, bloating, inflammation, fat loss/gain).

Sometimes we just need to try things for our mind to be satisfied or “get things out of our system”, as many say.


  1. Stick with it

Once you have decided on the change or fad diet, stay with it for a month to really see how it helps and how your body adjusts. If after two weeks you feel it isn’t right for you, change it; you know your body and how it feels better than anyone else.


  1. Keep Track

Keep a record of what you’ve been eating and the times; monitor how you feel after these meals and during the day in general. Take note if you experience any headaches, if certain foods trigger unpleasant feelings and if you experience noticeable levels of fatigue in the afternoons.

Use an App if you find it easier (MyFitnessPal) to monitor it, don’t guess your way through your eating, be structured and have that plan, it’s much easier that way.


  1. Evaluate

Evaluate your logs and see if the change/s or diet followed was beneficial in any way.  If its worked then stick with it, if you feel it needs some adjusting, then do it.

You can certainly incorporate various strategies from diets if they work for you. Try these things; you have time on your side, allow yourself to experiment now so you can be healthier for the rest of your life. You can certainly incorporate various strategies from diets if they work for you.



Remember, your plan is your plan…you don’t need to put a label on it. As life moves forward, you may need your diet to evolve with you, your lifestyle and beliefs. Think smart and don’t let your mind be overridden by emotion.