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Personal Training

Indoor and Outdoor options available.

Personal Training is without a doubt one of the best and quickest ways to reach your health and fitness goals. I coach men and women between the ages of 25 and 60, who are uncomfortable with their bodies and its performance. We work together in achieving the right mindset and plan to achieve the body and physical ability they desire.

I pride myself in providing the necessary support, training and knowledge to achieve the desired results. Currently, I provide indoor and outdoor training in the Kingston and Surbiton areas. Areas nearby possible upon request.


I Specialise In:

  • Fat Loss
  • Lean Muscle and Body Toning
  • Core and Lower Back Strengthening
  • Functional Performance (Hobby/Sport/Life)
  • Strength and Power
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Nutritional Support

Indoor Personal Training

If interested, please enquire and further details and offers will be provided.


All training is done at the Surbiton Racket & Fitness Facility, KT5 8JT.

There is limited availability in Central London at DW Fitness First Waldorf, WC2B 4DD


Book your complimentary PT session to see for yourself before any commitment is made!

Outdoor Personal Training

During these times we need to find solutions to not having gyms at our disposals. We have more than enough equipment for your workouts.

We have all been spending so much time at home and relying on basic workouts in limited space, which is too close to the fridge!

I have restarted outdoor Personal Training (1-1, 2-1, 3-1) in the Surbiton, Kingston, Hinchley Wood, Berrylands and surrounding areas. Those returning are achieving great results and others are just grateful to get the quality training going again. 

I guarantee a journey with me which is not just about workouts – support (mentally, nutritionally and a push) and accountability are needed to really see the progress.



Sessions are 45-minutes or 60-minutes in length. 




Surbiton : Alexandra Park, KT5 9AA  /  Victoria Recreation Ground, KT6 5JL  /  Athelstan Recreation Ground , KT13AY

Kingston – Fairfield Park, KT1 2UR

Other locations available and your requests are considered.


Limited equipment is used and EVERYTHING is disinfected before, during and after all workouts.

You can request to not use any equipment or bring some of your own.



"I’ve known and trained with Waynne for over 8 years. During this time we have worked on strength training, stamina, conditioning and nutrition. I've gone from not being able to run 5k to running 10k plus, 3 times a week all whilst maintaining a busy work life. Waynne is calm, approachable and makes the sessions fun and engaging. As soon as lockdown ends I will give this guy a call. Book him, you wont regret it."
Lee B.
"I have been training regularly with Waynne (at the gym, in the park and via Zoom) for the past 10 years, which in itself says a lot about just how good a Personal Trainer I think he is. It is in large part down to him that I am in such good shape for my age (57)! Under his expert instruction, I have noticeably improved and maintained my overall fitness, strength and stamina, reduced body fat and increased muscle mass. I am also healthier mentally, thanks to Waynne. He knows how hard to push me, depending on how I am feeling, and makes our sessions fun by varying the routines and being excellent company. I would unhesitatingly recommend Waynne as a very knowledgeable, professional, supportive and flexible PT."
"If, like me, you need a personal trainer who will motivate you, advise you on what is best for you in terms of exercise, diet, and lifestyle, and make sure that what you are doing is tailored to your own specific requirements, then Waynne is the man for you. He has all the necessary technical knowledge and experience but more importantly (for me) he has a pleasant personality and is patient, reliable, flexible, and approachable. As with all the best things in life, I found him through personal recommendation from a colleague, and I, in turn, can recommend him highly."
Kirk R.
“I had been working out for years by myself and started to lack motivation, not getting the results I wanted. I was then introduced to Waynne who takes the time to understand what my goals are and always give me a tailored workout regime. Each session is different and the range of equipment he uses is great, I really feel my strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time. Our sessions are always hard work but they always have an element of fun to push me and keep me motivated. Waynne isn’t just a standard personal trainer; he shares his knowledge and advice through tips on nutrition, lifestyle, exercise plans and recovery. I would recommend Waynne to anyone at any fitness level.”

Interested, curious, need assistance?
Get in touch and find the solution that's right for you!
Book a complimentary trial session.