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Online Coaching/PT

Stuck with your training and fitness?
Remove the guesswork from your journey!

Online Packages

With Online Coaching, you will be working exclusively with me to become a healthier, stronger, leaner and happier you. I will be your personal coach guiding, motivating, educating you along with the accountability required to stay on track and achieve those desired results.
The programme is structured in a way that makes you the centre of everything and where progress is the only way forward.

Who Is This For?

Those who have no idea what to do or where to start. / Those who have the motivation but no plan/guidance. / Those on a tight budget.
/ Anyone wanting and willing to be healthier, stronger and leaner.

Get in touch

Step 1. Interested or want to get started? Get in touch and request further details or to arrange a call. Always happy to set aside time to discuss this potential journey.

Schedule your call

Step 3. Schedule your call where we chat about what you answered in the questionnaire and other questions I may have in order to build the right plan and schedule for you. We will also discussed what is required from both of us in order to succeed.

Complete the questionnare

Step 2. Complete the questionnaire which covers all from habits, nutrition, current/past training, lifestyle, health...This shows where you are, what you want and how best to progress further.

Plan and Support on its way

Step 4. Your plan and all the additional resources and access links will be sent to you. Go through everything, get familiar with the simple systems and never hold back questions. Support for all clients is provided via the platforms and other.

Stuck with your training and fitness?
Remove the guesswork from your journey!

Choose the perfect plan

Pick the plan you feel more comfortable to go with. If unsure, get in touch and we can go through what would work best for you. The Gold Package is the most popular with many also preferring the 12 week commitment for even greater progress and accountability


Per 4 Weeks

  • Bespoke Plan
  • Nutritional Targets
  • Access To MFH Hub
  • Email Access


Per 4 Weeks

  • 30-Min Video Consult
  • Access To MFH Hub
  • Nutritional Support & Targets
  • Training Platform Access & Trackers
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Bespoke Training Plans


Per 12 weeks

  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Bespoke Plans and Adjustments Weekly
  • Progress Calls
  • WhatsApp Support

Stuck with your training and fitness?
Remove the guesswork from your journey!

Frequently asked questions

The Hub is a private portal for clients with various trackers for your physique, nutrition and macro specifications and support, over 400 recipes (including high-protein, low-carb, plant-based, vegan – and obviously ‘treats’), educational resources (nutrition, mindset, health, fitness), tips and a resource for healpful apps, podcasts, items for the kitchen, exercise equipment, supplements and more.

All workout plans will be provided through a training app. All exercises have video demonstrations and the setup is easy for all to use. You can also get further access to me with comments after workouts or using it’s direct messaging service. This platform also provides a way for us to track various metrics (weight, circumferences, performance, habits  and nutrition)

Plans are ready to start roughly 48 hours after our consult call where we discuss all that was input on your questionnaire. Why make you wait when you’re obviously ready to take action and make yourself proud.

You can definitely expect results, but this is something I can’t stress enough. You will get a great deal out of me, but if you don’t perform on your end, then your results will show this. If you are involved in the plan and find moments where motivation, time or you are mentally finding it tough to stay the course – get in touch right away so I can get you back on the right track. I am your coach and you will need to give me feedback, just like I will need to keep you accountable. Remember, I am not forcing you to be in this plan, you have chosen to be better and gave me the privilege of being your coach.

Depending on which plan you are on, you will get the support and adjustments to fit into your current ability/plans whether you have access to a gym or not. I will advise specific items you take with you (very small objects) wherever you go and I am available for changes when needed. These adjustments need to be realistic and what you feel you can act upon.


"Waynne is an inspirational trainer with lots of patience, skill and understanding. The encouragement and support has helped me lose weight in a safe and sustainable way and improved my fitness and energy levels beyond belief."
I have been training with Waynne for several months now and find Waynne to be professional, supportive and motivational - The sessions are tough but enjoyable. With Waynne’s help and support I'm feeling fitter and gaining confidence as each day comes - I would recommend Waynne to anyone”
Waynne's straight-talking, focused approach to fitness training is a welcome change to quick-fix solutions and diet fads. I've gained size, definition and confidence with Waynne and I've accomplished this by being taught proper weight-training techniques and eating real food. It's tough, but the rewards are self-evident. As Waynne would say "LET'S GO!!!"
Working with Make Fit Happen and Waynne over the last few years has been amazing. Waynne has over achieved on delivering against my training goals. Never making life easy with a varied work schedule, location and new family he has been able to tailor my training to fit with the constant state of flux. Now even more his remote sessions (Online Coaching), constant open communication and drive is bring me the results I want. I don't know where I would be without his extensive knowledge in both training and nutrition. Thanks Waynne, looking forward to our next session.