What I Use and Recommend

Looking for items for home or the gym, here is a list of items I would recommend. I am often asked for my choices on various items relating to the following:
- Food/meals and prepping,
- Exercise equipment (Outdoor and Home),
- Training aids,
- Educational material,
and more.

Amazon has always been a reliable link for me to find what I need, read relevant reviews and benefit from its convenience in delivery.

Below are links which you may find beneficial in the search for what you need to assist in your quest for greater health and wellness.

GRID Foam Roller

This item is great to relieve those post-workout aches. The grid-like patterns work with your body to roll out any tension and lactic acid. it can be used at home or the gym, before or after a workout.

Massage Ball Set

Get a massage on your own and for much cheaper. The lacrosse ball stimulates specific trigger points. The peanut ball targets pain in the neck, limbs and along the spine. The spiky massage ball is perfect for stimulating muscles and enhancing blood flow.

Anti-Burst Swiss ball

This anti-burst swiss ball is ideal for core training, posture and performing various full body exercises on. Ensure you order the right size for you.

TRX Suspension Trainer

Get a full body workout at home or outdoors with this suspension trainer. You can even take this away with you on holiday/work trips. Build strength and endurance with this great training aid.


Rubber ended dumbbells that will not damage your floor. Great addition to have at home. 1kg - 50kg pairs.


Kettlebells with an easy grip for workouts that will generate strength, burn fat and build core stability. 4kg-24kg

WEINAS Resistance Bands Set

Great resistance band set with a travel bag, door anchors and ankle attachments. Add more bands to the handles to increase the resistance. This is for all and travels easily.

Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are good for strength training, assisting with pull-ups and dips, improving mobility, Crossfit training, stretching, Yoga, powerlifting and more.

Resistance Loops

This set of resistance loops is great for strength training, core, mobility, rehab, Pilates and yoga.

Thick Exercise Mat

The Bodhivana non-slip yoga mat is thicker to provide more support for your back and knees.

Lifting Pads

These are great for those looking to protect their hands and not let sweat get in the way of your training. They are less bulky than training gloves and won't smell either.

Gliding Discs

Starwood Sports Gliding Discs – 2 Dual Sided Exercise Sliders for Carpet or Hardwood Floors – Ideal for Core Training, Fitness, Aerobics, CrossFit, Full Body Strength and Conditioning