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THE surbiton bootcamp


Join the exclusive bootcamp of Make Fit Happen Ltd (Indoor and Outdoor Options). Claim your complimentary class and see for yourself how this is so much more than a class! You can’t change your life with just two bouts of activity a week; get the support you really need.

Be better prepared to face any of your own life’s challenges by enhancing your mental and physical wellbeing.






Fat loss and intense caloric burn 

Lean muscle development    

Improved muscular endurance, strength and power    

Significantly improved cardiovascular capabilities   

Greater core strength, agility, speed and reactivity    

Better balance and coordination    

Injury prevention 

Support away from classes

An education on how to be a healthier and happier you



Outdoor Classes:

Due to COVID and Lockdowns – All in-person classes are on-hold until further notice.

All of our classes are outdoors only. Indoors options will be available when we feel it is safer and general membership group prefers to use them.You will not be sharing any equipment and class sizes will be limited, ensuring strict implementation of the 2m distancing rule and ensuring all are training safely and effectively.

All of our classes are 45-minutes in length. 





All classes are held at Alexandra Park (KT5 9AA) with parking on King Charles Rd.

Or at the Hollyfield School with parking via Lamberts Road (KT6 4TU).


Days and Times:







  • Map Below


Your First Class (“Trial”) – Free


1 Class (Pay-As-You-Go)



6 Class Package


  * 8 Week Expiry


12 Class Package


   * 14 Week Expiry

Got a question? Don't know if it's for you?
Book your complimentary session.


I started Bootcamp in July and have gone from being someone who shyed away from this type of exercise to someone who attends both sessions each week. The classes are great, challenging but fun and I'm improving all the time. Wayne varies the exercises so that almost every class is different. He's really supportive and encouraging and it's a lovely group to exercise with. I really enjoy every class and I'm feeling the benefits! Totally recommend.
My husband and I both loved training with Waynne in his outdoor Boot Camp classes, despite being at different ends of the fitness spectrum: Husband is fit, athletic and used to group training whereas I’m something of a podgy newcomer. However, we both had a great time, challenged ourselves and kept going back, and we both personally recommended Make Fit Happen to friends. Plus, our dog was welcome at the classes so that’s always a bonus!
I highly recommend Waynne and Make Fit Happen. Pre Covid I attended the bootcamp classes, and during lockdown I have been attending the Zoom sessions. The Zoom sessions keep you limber and are a great way to keep active, especially when WFH and being more sedentary. Waynne is really creative and each class feels different. You are encouraged to push yourself but no shouting or burpees!!
I started coming to Waynne’s boot camp two years ago and its just brilliant! I was a keen runner but felt that other aspects of my fitness had dropped. From the first class, Waynne makes you feel so welcome and it’s not what you think of as a usual ‘boot camp’ There is no shouting and you must do better! All the exercises are explained and all levels are catered for and the whole group is so inclusive and supportive. It’s a fantastic way to way to keep fit and keep motivated. Most importantly, it’s the only exercise I have been able to get my boyfriend to stick too! You must try it!
Heather M.

Surbiton classes

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